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When Lewis Stevens boards the 11:17 train at Charing Cross with his girlfriend and his little boy Max, he’s in high spirits. It’s Christmas, his life is good - he just wants the chance to enjoy it. All he needs to do is survive the night. When the train speeds through a station, then another, he realises something is seriously wrong. When the few other passengers discover that the brakes have been sabotaged, fear starts to take hold. The police can’t help: It’s impossible to stop a diesel train from outside.

They’ll have to stop the train themselves. But the driver has other ideas. And he intends to take these secrets to the grave.

Unless Lewis can stop him first...

Produced By Zack Winfield and Ado Yoshizaki

Starring Dougray Scott, Kara Tointon, Iddo Goldberg, Lindsay Duncan, David Schofield
Directed By Omid Nooshin
Written By Omid Nooshin and Andy Love

Presented by NDF Productions / Future Films / BFI / Pinewood / Fel Corporation
International Sales: Pathe
Developed with The UK Film Council



last passenger

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