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the good


producers  Ado Yoshizaki Cassuto, Tina Gharavi, James Richard Baillie

director      Tina Gharavi

writers       Tina Gharavi, Nicolas Peufaillit (A Prophet, The Returned)

based on an original idea by Tina Gharavi

developed with   Film4, BFI development

Paris 1986: Fereshteh (or “Angel” in Farsi) reunites with an absent mother, Shoreh, and twin sister only to discover the family has a terrible secret which is how they survived after fleeing the Islamic Revolution.

As pressures mount, Fereshteh brokers an important deal that sees her returning to Iran only to be forced to make a moral decision; weighing up good verses evil. As things come to a head, Angel meets a tribe of women who exist under different rules.

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