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City of Tiny Lights is a cool, fast, funny and intelligent 'film noir' set in the depths of South West London. It follows the incomparable hero/anti hero Tommy Akhtar - a Ugandan-Indian-British, chain-smoking, alcoholic private eye, on the case of a missing prostitute, Natasha ( But Tommy soon discovers that the case goes way beyond his usual cheating husbands and runaway children, beyond anything he could have imagined: right to the heart of our paranoid post 7/7 government, where brown skin like Tommy's is no longer made to feel welcome.

Caught in a whirlwind of violence, deception, racism and 'religious fundamentalism', Tommy Akhtar starts to question what it really means to be 'British' right now.

produced by Ado Yoshizaki

development producer Zack Winfield

starring Riz Ahmed, Billie Piper

directed by Pete Travis
written by Patrick Neate

presented by NDF Productions / BFI / BBC Films
developed with the UK Film Council / European Media Fund



city of

tiny lights

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